The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

Prototype of A Virtual Area

This has come up a few times in some discussions.  I have responded to a few posts, but I thought it might be better served to snapshot some thoughts while they were fresh.  Virtual meetings are location independent.  There might be a place a web server is hosted or an area/country code resides, but that is not really the same as a meeting with a physical location or an address.

There are elements to a virtual meeting that do matter, which are the language(s) that are spoken and the medium that the meeting is delivered over.  Although the root server code base does have elements of location, they do not necessarily have to be used.

For the purposes of the prototype, I’ve made language and the medium (Web or Phone) part of the format codes.  I’m using the “Location Info” field for things such as the phone number or website.  This could be anything really, a zoom link, a Skype link, etc.  From this, I’m using the JSONP interface of the root server (see the blog post on JSONP for more information).  Check out the screenshot and sample Codepen.  (Note: this root server might be offline when you test it, hence the screenshot).

Update: Times are assumed to be represented as UTC in the root server.  The javascript code looks at your device and adjusts that time to display in your current timezone.  This could be flipped to actually use the timezone information by doing a reverse lookup on the latitude and longitude from the root server and then doing an adjustment similarly from your device timezone.