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The BMLT Semantic Workshop

Semantics Are Confusing as %$#@!!. Help Me to Figure Out What I Want to do!

Ask, and ye shall receive.

We have created a new Semantic Workshop.

This is a JavaScript-driven Web page that will create a semantic URI for your root server. No guessing. It builds it on the fly, and you can simply click on the link to see if it is giving you what you want.

The way it works is thus:

  1. Go to the workshop page.
  2. Enter the URL of your Root Server into the form.
  3. Hit “Submit” (or just hit the RETURN key).

You’ll be presented with a space-shuttle cockpit-complexity page that will have LOTS of options.

These are all the things you can do with the Semantic Interface.

Select whether or not you want a data dump (which can include simple HTML page data), a [[BMLT_SIMPLE()]] shortcode, or a [[BMLT_TABLE]] shortcode ([[BMLT_TABLE]] is only available on newer Root Server instances).

Depending on your choices, you will be guided through what is (or is not) possible. The page was specifically designed to restrict the choices to only what is possible on your Root Server.

Once you have your URI (or shortcode), copy it, and use it as you wish.

NOTE: The Semantic Workshop requires that you have a Root Server of Version 2.6.15 or greater.

The source code is available on GitHub as part of the main server repo, here.

NOTE: As of Root Server Version 2.7.0, the Semantic Workshop is now built into every instance of the Root Server. Simply add “/semantic” to your Root Server URI, and you will get the Semantic Workshop for that server.
Here is an example. This is the Semantic Workshop for the Greater New York Region Root Server, which can be accessed at this URI.

The following links refer to the new Semantic Workshop, set to point to specific Root Servers.