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Embedding a map of meetings on WordPress using Flexible Map plugin

With the Flexible Map WordPress plugin you can embed a map of your meetings in real time. This will add pinpoints of each meeting location which are clickable and display basic info about the meeting. One of the ways I’ve found this useful is I can easily tell when a meetings geocode is way out of wack.

We’ll start by adding and then activating the Flexible Map plugin. Then go to Settings -> Flexible Map and enter your Google API key as shown.

Now that the plugin is installed, from the semantic interface of your local BMLT server you’ll want to get a KML file as a response. First select KML as your returned data.

You can now go down to service bodies and select an area.

Now that we have our response URL we can add it to the Flexible Map short code and put it on a page. This is the shortcode I use which gives me this nice map of all Manhattan meetings.

[flexiblemap src=”″ width=”100%” kmlcache=”5 minutes”]

If you want to include a whole region or higher level service body, you would enter the service body id and add ‘&recursive=1’.
Ex. would give me all of the Greater New York Region.

You can’t select multiple service bodies as the query would look like this ‘?switcher=GetSearchResults&services[]=1007&services[]=1008‘ and the brackets [] will make the flexible map shortcode angry (it will see it as the end of the shortcode).

A complete reference of the Flexible Map plugins attributes can be found on their website.


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