The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

The [bmlt_tabs] Shortcode (The Special Tab Plugin)

With the


shortcode, you don’t have the ability to specify multiple settings. However, that’s fine, as it is designed to produce a “lighter duty” meeting search.

The following is connected to the Stable Root Server (Set to Greater New York Region), and shows the Suffolk Area ASC meetings. The syntax of this search is

[<i></i>bmlt_tabs service_body="1001"]

NOTE: You will note that the page took a couple of seconds to completely load. That’s because the plugin loads all the meetings that it will display “up front.” This makes for an extremely fast and responsive user experience, but does mean that pages featuring this plugin can load slowly; especially if they are displaying a large meeting database. This search is focused only on the Orlando ASC. If it were the entire Florida Region, the page load would have been substantially slower. That’s one reason why you should consider this a solution for smaller, more focused local meeting lists.

[bmlt_tabs service_body=”1001″]