The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

BMLT Release Downloads

  • Tabbed Map
    BMLT wordpress plugin for a tabbed map display

    Latest Release : 1.1.0 (04-19-2022)
  • Yap
    Find meetings or someone to talk to over the phone leveraging a BMLT root server.

    Latest Release : 4.0.4 (02-18-2022)
  • List Locations
    WordPress Plugin that lists all unique towns or counties from your BMLT server for a given service body

    Latest Release : 2.1.4 (01-02-2022)
  • Root Server
    This is the Main Root Server Repo for the Basic Meeting List Toolbox

    Latest Release : 2.16.4 (11-28-2021)
  • Upcoming Meetings
    displays upcoming meetings on wordpress page/post/widget

    Latest Release : 1.3.7 (11-16-2021)
  • Contacts
    WordPress plugin that displays helpline and website information about service bodies

    Latest Release : 1.3.7 (11-16-2021)
  • Temporary Closures
    Displays a list of all meetings that have temporary closures. It can be used to view published or unpublished meetings.

    Latest Release : 1.2.1 (03-22-2020)
  • Drupal 7 Module
    This is the Drupal module for the BMLT system.

    Latest Release : 3.10.0 (09-22-2019)
  • Basic Satellite
    This is a basic PHP Class of a BMLT satellite client.

    Latest Release : 3.10.0 (09-22-2019)
  • WordPress Plugin
    WordPress Plugin Project for the BMLT Satellite

    Latest Release : 3.10.0 (09-22-2019)

Below, find a list of links to the latest “shipping” release of the various BMLT plugins and utilities. These are ones under the care of the official BMLT Administrators, and may not reflect all of the BMLT options.

These are the iOS/Android Meeting Search apps:

These apps will work all over the world, as long as the Service body uses the BMLT to manage their meeting list.

This tool can help you to figure out whether or not the apps will be relevant for you.

These are Apps for Meeting List Administrators:

These are internal, library and utility repos: