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The Quick NA Meeting Finder iOS App


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The Quick NA Meeting Finder iOS app is a “no-brainer” NA meeting search that connects to The Worldwide “Sandwich” Server to provide a truly globe-spanning convenient, speedy meeting search capability.

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This is the source code repo for this app. The default branch is the master branch, which means that it may have code checked in for as-yet-unreleased versions.

This app will determine your current location, then provide a short list of nearby NA meetings that gather either later today, or tomorrow; based upon the time that you run the app.

This app is location-based. It searches for meetings within an automatically chosen distance from your current location.



Connecting Screen

Immediately upon starting the app, it will determine your current location and connect to the worldwide BMLT Server.

The first time through, it will ask your permission to determine your location:

Request Location Permission

In this case, you may need to tap in the big button to restart the connection. After that, the connection will continue to be automatic upon starting the app.

If there was a connection error, you will be presented with an alert to that effect:

Error Alert

After the alert is displayed, you will be returned to the main screen. You can tap in the big button to retry the connection as many times as you like.

It is also possible that no meetings were found, in which case, an alert will inform you of that:

No Meetings Found Alert

Remember that this app looks for meetings later today (based upon the time you run the app), or tomorrow. It’s entirely possible that there may be meetings on other days.

In this case, you may find the BMLT NA Meeting Search App to be more useful.



Results Screen

Upon successful connection, and assuming that meetings have been found, you will be presented with a list of meeting search results.

This list can either be sorted by weekday and time, or by distance from your location.


Meeting Details Screen

Touching one of the meetings in the list will open a Meetings Details Screen.

This screen will basically be a big map (the blue marker is the meeting location), which can have its display type selected by using the segmented switch, just under the map.

Above the map are the meeting details.

If you tap on the address, it will open the maps app with the address featured.

The format codes (In parentheses, just after the day and time) are locally-relevant, and the app cannot provide exact information as to what they mean. This is a limitation on the worldwide nature of the app, and the flexibility of the BMLT. Each locale is free to establish whatever codes they wish for local formats. Be assured this is something we are working on, and may get addressed in the future.


Route Display Screen

At the top, right of the page, there is a “Directions” button. Touching this, switches the page to a big map, which is always displayed in “standard” mode, and has a blue line, displaying directions from your current location to the meeting.



In the bottom right corner of the main screen, you will see a little “gear” icon. Touching this brings up a screen that has an explanation of usage for the app, and allows you to choose a “grace period” for the start of a meeting in the search.

Settings Screen


This allows you to choose if you want to include meetings that are already in progress, or that may not start for a while. This is based on the time that you do your search.


Info Screen

Touching the little “Info” icon in the top, right corner of the Main Settings Screen will bring up the Info Screen.

This screen has a basic explanation of the app, along with a link to this page.