The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

The [[BMLT_SIMPLE]] Shortcode


This is the shortcode that you use to embed “hard” displays of BMLT data into your page. By calling this code, you can render the meeting searches as basic <table> or <div> elements directly into your page, so the page will act just like a simple HTML page. This is a great way for smaller Service bodies to display their meetings, as a large interactive search is most likely overkill.



shortcode does not pay any attention to appearance or display queues in the settings they reference. They only use the URL of the relevant Root Server.

Instead of showing all the examples on this page, we’ll use other pages to show you the rendering. However, we’ll talk about what we are doing, and how we are doing it.

NOTE: These examples have been “gussied up” with local CSS. If you want yours to look like this, you’ll need to develop your own custom CSS.


The single biggest issue with the


shortcode is performance. It takes time for the plugin to call the root server, get the data, prepare the data for output, then actually send the data to your browser. The larger the dataset, the longer it takes.

For this reason, you really do want to keep implementations of this shortcode to small datasets.


In the pages below, you will see examples of individual applications of the shortcode. Each page will discuss the parameters specified, and any particular rendering issues/tricks.