The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

Creating a map of meetings using Google MyMaps

With Google MyMaps you can create a map of NA meetings as well as embed that map on your site. This however unlike the Flexible Map plugin blogpost is not updated dynamically. This will add pinpoints of each meeting location which are clickable and display basic info about the meeting. I have used this to generate some nice images that I’ve used on various NA sites.

We’ll start by getting the kml data we want from the semantic interface of your local BMLT server. First select KML as your returned data.

You can now go down to service bodies and select an area.

Now that we have our response URL well click the link and download the kml file. With the file downloaded we then will go to and click on “Create A New Map”.

We can now name the map and import our kml file that we downloaded. After selecting import as marked below from the screen that pops up select your file and your meetings will be imported.

Now that we have the file imported and the meeting markers in place we can customize the markers if we want.
1. Click individual styles
2. Select Uniform style
3. then hit the paint bucket
4. and More icons

From there you can upload a custom icon, there are some various NA ones below to download.

And Voila.

We can now print or embed this map into our site by doing one of the following.

New England Region Map