The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

Study on Statewide Meeting Schedules

Service bodies tend to not necessarily follow boundaries that make sense to someone who does not understand it’s organizational makeup.  By using the Tomato server, it’s entirely possible to create a schedule that follows geopolitical boundaries without much effort.  For this study, I decided to use the 50 states of the United States.  This study could have easily been other such designations, perhaps provinces in Canada.  I’m also going to make use of the recent feature released in bread 1.6.x (see the blog post on “Reusable Templates w/Bread 1.6.x“)

Keep in mind some of these may not be comprehensive as an entire state may not be covered by a BMLT server at this time.  In addition, since the “State” field is free-form text in the BMLT, someone may not be following the two-letter abbreviation naming I’m using here.  There is a version of the BMLT root server coming out soon (bmlt-root-server 2.12.0) that will support pre-populating this field as a dropdown.  This would require some cleanup as well on each root server.  (Note: some of these could take a while to generate).

Status: 5 states no coverage, 8 states partial coverage.

State Schedule Notes
Alabama Download
Alaska Download No coverage
Arizona Download
Arkansas Download
California Download Partial coverage
Colorado Download
Connecticut Download
Delaware Download
District of Columbia Download
Florida Download
Georgia Download
Hawaii Download
Idaho Download No coverage
Illinois Download Partial coverage
Indiana Download Partial coverage
Iowa Download
Kansas Download
Kentucky Download
Louisiana Download
Maine Download
Maryland Download
Massachusetts Download
Michigan Download
Minnesota Download
Mississippi Download
Missouri Download Partial coverage
Montana Download No coverage
Nebraska Download
Nevada Download Partial coverage
New Hampshire Download
New Jersey Download
New Mexico Download
New York Download
North Carolina Download
North Dakota Download
Ohio Download Partial coverage
Oklahoma Download
Oregon Download No coverage
Pennsylvania Download Partial coverage
Rhode Island Download
South Carolina Download
South Dakota Download
Tennessee Download
Texas Download
Utah Download
Vermont Download
Virginia Download
Washington Download No coverage
West Virginia Download
Wisconsin Download
Wyoming Download Partial coverage

Here’s the bread template used.

Here’s the reference code for the lab work: