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Google Chrome Issues With Location

A few weeks ago, Google announced their intention to deprecate location lookups from nonsecure domains.

This is now being enforced by their Chrome browser.

How Does This Affect Me?

If you are using an Android device (phone or tablet), then you are almost certainly using the Chrome browser. It is also a very popular browser for desktop and laptop computers, and it is even available for the iPhone.

It will affect you if you try to use the [[bmlt_mobile]] shortcode, and press the buttons in the top part of the screen (ones that look for meetings near you). It will also affect you if you press on any of the “Find Meetings Near Me” choices in the standard [[bmlt]] shortcode (the map everyone sees).

It will affect older versions of the Tabbed UI Plugin for WordPress (The author has removed the lookup for now in the latest version).

If you visit any page (and it will probably affect more than just the BMLT) that looks up your location, you are likely to get a failure notice, along the lines of “Cannot Determine Your Location.”

How Can I Fix This?

If you are a site visitor, then the only choice is to not use Chrome, which may not be possible with Android devices.

If you are a site administrator, then the only real choice you have is to convert your site to use SSL. This is a bit of a problematic process, but I expect it will rapidly get cheaper and easier.

Sorry. I wish I could tell you that I can fix it, but this is something that Google has decided to do, and they have a great deal more money and influence than I do.

We are committed to the BMLT working fine with SSL/HTTPS. There should be no issues running the Root Server and the Satellites on an SSL server.

Here is an excellent article that explains the issue quite well.