The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

The BMLT iPhone-iPad App

New Yorkers: Try the New Fast NA Meeting Search App!


This is a free app that is designed to interact with local BMLT Root Servers, and provide fast, easy and attractive options to finding NA meetings.

There are different variants of the app; each one customized for a particular geographic/NA Service region.

The requirements for this app, are that the meeting list be kept in a BMLT Root Server, and that a variant of the app be created that points to that server.

Getting the App

Getting the app is a matter of loading it into iTunes, or directly in the App Store on your device.

The app is completely free and open-source. You can get the source code on GitHub.

Why No NA Logos?

The reason for this is simple. The apps are not being created or released by a registered NA Service body. As per the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (FIPT), non-NA Service bodies should not use the NA logo. I don’t feel like shelling out $550/year for a free app, so you’ll have to live without NA logos. Unless…

NA Minnesota has taken the extra step of registering an Apple iOS Developer Account in their name. This costs $99/Year (US), and has a fair bit of legal and technical stuff that goes along with it. Having this account allows them to release the app through their own Apple App Store Account (This link will open up iTunes), and thus, they can use the NA logo. Remember that the BMLT iOS app is a 100% open-source project. It is free, and it’s not a big deal for a knowledgable Apple Developer to take the code and modify it. It is designed to be easily localized and adapted.

App Versions (Each Link Takes You to the App Store Entry for That App)
New York NA Meetings
This covers Eastern New York (GNYR, ENYR and ABCD).
Australia NA Meetings
This covers NA Australia.
NA Ireland
This covers Ireland (The Republic of Ireland and Ulster).
SoCal NA Meeting Search
This covers the Southern California Region.
BMLT-SV (NA Sverige)
This covers Sweden, and is localized in Swedish.
NA Hawaii
This covers The Hawaii Region.
San Diego NA Meetings
This covers The San Diego Imperial Counties Region.
OKLATX Meeting Search
This covers several regions in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
NA New Jersey
This is a localized app that allows searches in New Jersey.