The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

Displaying both virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings on the same page in Crouton.

This approach allows you to use Crouton to show both virtual and face-to-face meetings on the same page using Crouton.

It requires using the “Bus Lines” and “Train Lines” fields (which are rarely used extra fields, but any could be used theoretically). This uses the Meeting Data Template and Metadata Template features in the Crouton configuration in administration portal as seen below.

Meeting Data Template

<div class="meeting-name">{{this.meeting_name}}</div>
{{#if this.train_lines}}
<div class="location-text">{{this.train_lines}}</div>
<div class="location-text">{{this.location_text}}</div>
<div class="meeting-address">{{this.formatted_address}}</div>
<div class="location-information">{{this.formatted_location_info}}</div>

Metadata Template

{{#if this.bus_lines}}
<div>{{formatLink this.bus_lines}}</div>
{{else}}<a id="map-button" class="btn btn-primary btn-xs" href=";query={{this.latitude}},{{this.longitude}}&amp;q={{this.latitude}},{{this.longitude}}" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> {{this.map_word}}</a>
<div class="geo hide">{{this.latitude}},{{this.longitude}}</div>

The end result is the below with both face-to-face and a temporarily closed meeting that is now meeting virtually (in this case by phone).

Here is what it looks like in the root server.